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49 and Market Color Swatch Lavender Acetate Leaves CSL-41459


The 49 and Market Color Swatch Lavender Acetate Leaves set is a delightful collection of 70 die-cut pieces made from acetate material. Each piece features beautifully printed foliage and butterflies in varying levels of opacity, adding an enchanting touch to your projects.

The acetate leaves offer a lightweight and translucent quality, allowing you to create stunning layered effects and add depth to your designs. The varying levels of opacity provide versatility in how you incorporate them into your artwork. You can use them as standalone elements or layer them with other materials to create unique compositions.

These acetate leaves are perfect for adding a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your projects. The foliage and butterfly designs bring a sense of whimsy and organic charm, making them suitable for a variety of themes, including floral, garden, spring, and nature-inspired projects.

One of the wonderful aspects of these acetate leaves is their versatility. You can tuck them here and there within your artwork for a delicate and ethereal effect. They can be layered on top of patterned papers, vellum, or other translucent materials to create a multidimensional look. Their lightweight nature allows them to be easily adhered using glue, adhesive dots, or other appropriate adhesives.

Whether you're working on scrapbook layouts, cardmaking, mixed media projects, or any other type of papercrafting, the 49 and Market Color Swatch Lavender Acetate Leaves offer a beautiful and versatile embellishment option. They can add a touch of elegance, movement, and visual interest to your creations.

UPC: 752505141459