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49 and Market Nature Study Ultimate Page Kit NS-41701


The 49 and Market The Vintage Artistry Nature Study Ultimate Page Kit is a comprehensive kit that includes various elements and materials for creating stunning scrapbook pages or other paper crafting projects. Here are the details of what is included in the kit:

  1. Exclusive Patterned Papers: The kit contains 4+ sheets of exclusive 12x12 inch patterned papers. These papers feature beautiful designs and patterns that are perfect for adding a vintage and nature-inspired touch to your projects.

  2. Laser Cut Elements: The kit also includes 4 sheets of 12x12 inch laser-cut elements. These elements are intricately cut designs that can be easily incorporated into your projects. They add a delicate and detailed look to your pages.

  3. Adhesive-Backed Chipboard Shapes: You'll find a 12x12.5 inch sheet of thin adhesive-backed chipboard shapes in the kit. These chipboard shapes are ready to be adhered to your projects, adding dimension and texture.

  4. Assorted Buttons: The kit includes 18 assorted buttons. Buttons are versatile embellishments that can be used to add a vintage and tactile element to your designs.

  5. Leather Cord and Bakers Twine: You'll receive 2 meters of leather cord and 3 meters of bakers twine. These strings can be used for tying tags, creating bows, or adding texture to your projects.

  6. Bobbin of Thread: The kit includes a 30-meter bobbin of thread. Thread can be used for stitching details, adding texture, or securing elements on your pages.

The kit provides you with a variety of materials to create your own unique projects. It also includes completed project samples that can serve as inspiration and be replicated, although slight variations may occur as each project is handcrafted.

With the 49 and Market The Vintage Artistry Nature Study Ultimate Page Kit, you'll have an array of coordinating elements and materials to create beautiful and cohesive paper crafting projects with a vintage and nature-inspired theme. Let your creativity flow and enjoy bringing your ideas to life!

UPC: 752505141701