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49 and Market Spectrum Gardenia Extras 6 x 8 inch Rub On Transfer Set SG-23695


The 49 and Market Spectrum Gardenia Extras Rub-On Transfer Set is a collection that includes 6 sheets of rub-on transfers. Each sheet measures 6x8 inches and is filled with a variety of elements such as word art, textures, engravings, and stitching. These rub-on transfers can be applied to various clean surfaces, allowing you to create a unique and beautiful effect. Whether you want to add decorative accents to your scrapbook pages, cards, or other craft projects, these rub-on transfers provide a versatile and creative solution. Simply apply them to your desired surface and rub gently to transfer the design. These rub-on transfers are a great way to enhance your projects with additional visual interest and artistic flair.

UPC: 786724923695