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AALL & Create Flower Trio A5 Clear Stamp Set 924


Created by the talented Tracy Evans, these deeply etched clear stamps are the perfect addition to your creative repertoire. This 6x8 inch clear stamp set includes five stunning stamps, each offering a unique floral design and an array of captivating elements. The centerpiece of this set consists of three single flowers, each exuding its own distinct beauty. These flowers are complemented by collages of definitions, ledgers, writings, indexes, and more, creating a captivating backdrop that adds depth and visual interest to your creations. Ink splotches and numbers further enhance the artistic appeal of the stamps, adding a touch of whimsy and creativity. Alongside the floral imagery, the set features the word "Elegance," perfectly encapsulating the sophisticated and refined nature of your projects and the word "Cosmos," adding a sense of cosmic wonder and a nod to the vastness of the universe.

UPC: 5060979161749