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AALL & Create Orange A7 Clear Stamps 1024

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  • AALL & Create
  • $8.99

    AALL & Create Orange A7 Clear Stamps, part of the On the Farm Collection designed by Janet Klein, are a creative addition to your crafting projects. This clear, etched photopolymer stamp set measures 3x4 inches and comprises 3 pieces. Within this set, you'll find an adorable girl adorned with an orange-top hat, holding a generous slice of this vibrant fruit. The set also includes the simple and delightful phrase, "The orange is a sweet, juicy fruit." Additionally, it features a concise definition: "Orange ('ar-inj). Noun. 1. A round, juicy citrus fruit with a thick orange skin. 2. An evergreen tree, typically bearing fruit in warm climates. 3. Warm colors with hues between red and yellow. Adjective. The color of orange." These stamps are perfect for adding a touch of citrusy freshness to your creative endeavors.

    UPC: 5060979163637