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Altenew ALPINE ASTER Fresh Dye Ink ALT6904

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  • Altenew
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    Stamping has never been this fun and easy! If you are looking for a beautiful, flawless coverage with a crisp impression every single time with your favorite stamps, these dye inks are a must-have. Altenew's Fresh Dye Inks were created to give stunning crisp results when stamping and work especially well using clear photopolymer stamps.

    This Alpine Aster Fresh Dye Ink is part of our Blue Mountains Color Family. This is a light color between blue and purple. Depending on what colors you use around it, it will look slightly different. Lighter applications look a bit closer to blue periwinkle tone and stronger, more saturated applications will make it lean closer towards purple. Our ink color families were created to take the guesswork out of layered stamping. The colors in these color families range in shades from light to dark to give superior layering results.

    Water Hyacinth
    Crystal Violet
    Indigo Skies

    Dye                 Felt            Diameter: 2.75""     

    The high viscosity dye inks, slightly different from Altenew's existing dye inks are rich and vibrant and will stamp perfectly alongside others in your collection. The modern and minimalist round ink cases feature a felt pad and were custom-designed with the user in mind. All it takes is a simple twist to open the lid and you’ll be ready for your next crafty project!

    Water-based- can be used for various techniques as well as stamping and watercoloring.
    Fast-drying - great for layered stamping and reduces the risk of smudging.
    Uniform coverage - gives a beautiful uniform look on even solid stamps.
    Vibrant impression - give

    UPC: 765453016588