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Altenew Caribbean Life Layering Stencil Set ALT8040


The Altenew Caribbean Life Layering Stencil Set allows you to capture the essence of a trip to the Caribbean with its beautiful climate, relaxing life, natural beauty, and delicious food.

This stencil set includes four stencils that help you create your very own beach scene, complete with clouds, the ocean, and sandy shores. Whether you're crafting cards, scrapbook pages, or any other beach-themed projects, this fun layering stencil set brings the beach to your craft room, infusing your creations with a tropical and tranquil vibe.

As part of Altenew's unique line of stencils curated to complement their corresponding stamp sets, these stencils provide a base for adding color and character to the images in the stamp set. Crafters can explore various color combinations and layering techniques to achieve stunning and realistic beach scenes.

The stencils have dimensions of 6 x 6 inches and are proudly made in the USA, ensuring quality and durability for your crafting needs. With the Altenew Caribbean Life Layering Stencil Set, you can bring a slice of paradise to your projects and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Caribbean right from your craft room.

UPC: 765453035770