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Altenew Small Ink Blending Brush Label Set All Crisp Dye Ink Colors 4 Sheets alt7677

 Introducing the Altenew Small Ink Blending Brush Label Set, designed to accommodate all Crisp Dye Ink colors and enhance your blending brush organization. These labels are the ideal solution for quickly identifying which brush corresponds to each ink color, streamlining your crafting sessions and reducing frustration.

Key features of this label set include:

    Four sheets of color-matched adhesive labels meticulously tailored for Small Ink Blending Brushes.
    Compatibility with all Crisp Dye Ink colors, ensuring effortless coordination and versatility.
    These labels are equipped with a high-quality adhesive backing, guaranteeing durability and longevity.
    Easy application with labels that securely adhere to your brushes, staying in place throughout your crafting endeavors.
    Instantly recognize your brushes, reducing color confusion during your creative process.

As an added bonus, this set includes extra ink and blending brush label decals, along with delightful sentiments and charming flower stickers to enhance your crafting experience and bring a touch of creativity to your workspace.
UPC: 765453030072