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Altenew Stampwheel Low Tack Sticky Mat Grid alt7621

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  • Altenew
  • $23.99

    Introducing Altenew's Low-Tack Sticky Mat, designed specifically for stamping or stenciling on thinner materials such as copy paper or vellum. This mat provides a perfect solution with its unique features.


        Remove the photopolymer sticky mat from the acetate sheet.
        Place it inside the Stampwheel with the engraved side facing down and the flat side facing up.
        Clean any ink residue immediately using a wet wipe to prevent staining. Please note that certain dark colors, especially reds and blues, may cause staining on the photopolymer. However, this staining will not affect its performance. To protect the photopolymer mat, you can place a scrap piece of paper underneath to catch any ink when stamping off the edge of your project.
        To maintain the cleanliness and stickiness of the mat, periodically remove it from the Stampwheel and wash it under running water. Rub off any dust while rinsing.
        After washing, allow the mat to air dry.


        Size: 7.5 x 7.5 inches
        Clear Photopolymer material
        Easy to clean
        Multi-purpose functionality
        Proudly made in the USA

    This Low-Tack Sticky Mat provides a reliable and convenient way to stamp or stencil on delicate materials, ensuring precise alignment and hassle-free crafting. Try it out and experience the difference it makes in your projects!

    UPC: 765453029816