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Altenew Stellar Cascade 3D Embossing Folder alt8223


Elevate your creative projects with the Altenew Stellar Cascade 3D Embossing Folder! This enchanting embossing folder brings a touch of celestial beauty to your creations.

The Stellar Cascade 3D Embossing Folder features a captivating design with two prominent stars at its center, complemented by a cascade of nine layered stars within each of them. The larger stars act as focal points, creating a mesmerizing visual effect that adds depth and dimension to your projects.

Experience a new level of texture and dimensionality with our 3D Embossing Folders. Unlike traditional embossing folders that offer two levels of texture, this folder goes beyond by producing three-dimensional shaped designs that truly enhance your creations. All it takes is a simple pass through your die-cutting machine, following the manufacturer's instructions for 3D embossing folders, and you're ready to infuse your projects with stellar charm and allure.

This is a 6x6 inch embossing folder

UPC: 765453038320