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Avery Elle Focal Point Stencil SL2304


The Avery Elle Focal Point Stencil is a versatile set perfect for all your crafty projects. This stencil set includes four different shapes - a small circle, large circle, oval, and square. These shapes are designed to help you create focal points on all your cards and craft projects.

Measuring 6 x 6 inches, each stencil provides ample space for various crafting applications. You can use them with different mediums such as inks, pastes, paint, and more. The stencils allow you to easily add focal points and draw attention to specific areas on your projects, whether you're working on cards, scrapbook pages, art journaling, or any other crafting endeavor.

With the Avery Elle Focal Point Stencil set, you have a versatile and valuable tool to elevate your crafting projects. The different shapes offer you flexibility in designing eye-catching focal points that suit your artistic vision.

Unleash your creativity and let the Avery Elle Focal Point Stencil set be your go-to tool for creating stunning focal points in your crafty projects. Whether you want to highlight a specific element, add dimension, or create a striking composition, these stencils will help you achieve captivating and professional-looking results.

UPC: 810083781815