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Avery Elle Steel Dies Char-cute-rie d-23-40


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The Avery Elle Steel Dies Char-cute-rie is a comprehensive set of 28 dies, meticulously crafted to perfectly coordinate with the ST-23-40 Char-cute-rie stamp set. These dies are designed to make your crafting experience even more delightful by allowing you to effortlessly cut out precise shapes and elements that align seamlessly with the Char-cute-rie theme.

Whether you're creating cards, scrapbooking, or engaging in other creative projects, these steel dies are a valuable addition to your crafting toolkit. They ensure that your projects maintain the charm and consistency of the Char-cute-rie stamp set.

With these coordinating dies, your crafting possibilities are expanded, and you can easily achieve intricate and cohesive designs that capture the essence of the Char-cute-rie theme with precision and ease.

UPC: 810083782201