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BP-078 Spellbinders Pumpkins and Ghosts Background Press Plates


The Pumpkins and Ghosts Background Press Plates are a captivating feature of the Spellbinders Betterpress Halloween Collection. This delightful background plate is adorned with a medley of Halloween-themed elements, from words and phrases to playful images, creating a festive and spirited design. The plate is designed to seamlessly fill a standard A2 size 4.25 x 5.50 in. card front, making it a fantastic addition to your Halloween cardmaking collection.

Part of the Betterpress Halloween Collection, the Pumpkins and Ghosts Background Press Plates encompass the essence of Halloween with their diverse imagery and motifs. This particular plate empowers crafters to infuse their projects with the vibrancy and charm of the holiday.

For achieving professional results, the press plates should be inked with BetterPress Ink and then pressed against the BetterPress Cotton Card Panel and Sheets. The process involves just four easy steps: placing the BetterPress Press Plate onto the Chase, a magnetic platform to secure the press plate, taping the Card Panel on the Platen, a clear top plate with registration marks, applying ink onto the Press Plate, and assembling a Letterpress Sandwich that is then run through a manual die-cutting machine.

The BetterPress System revolutionizes the way creators approach letterpress, offering an innovative solution to attain the refined look of letterpress without the associated mess. By combining BetterPress with other Spellbinders products like the Glimmer Hot Foil System and the Sealed with Spellbinders wax seal program, crafters can produce unique cards, stationery, and projects with intricate impressions that can be tactilely experienced. The BetterPress System seamlessly interfaces with a manual die-cutting machine to generate elegant, effortless, and detailed letterpress effects.

With an approximate size of 3.70 x 4.95 inches, the Pumpkins and Ghosts Background Press Plates offer a dynamic and versatile design that serves as an ideal addition to the Betterpress Halloween Collection. This allows crafters to infuse their creations with the festive and playful spirit of Halloween through the letterpress technique.

UPC: 813233037190