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Brutus Monroe All Set for School Clear Stamps bru6359


Experience the full back-to-school vibes with the Brutus Monroe All Set for School Clear Stamps from the School's In Session Collection. Achieve top marks effortlessly with this impressive 6x8 clear stamp set comprising a total of 36 pieces! The designs include a backpack, open book, lunch bag, books, laptop, school supplies, ruler, protractor, compass, highlighter, eraser, pencils, reading glasses, magnifying glass, beakers, microscope, calculator, clip, paintbrushes, palette, glue, push pins, paper airplane, and more. Inspiring words such as A+, Teacher, Student, Teach Love Inspire, School is challenging but so are you, You've got this, Teachers exemplify class, Thank you, and Good Luck, are also included. Your creative journey to the top of the class begins here!

UPC: 702338776359