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Brutus Monroe Aqua Pigment Yellow Brick Road bru4775


Part of the Wizard of Oz Collection. Who needs regular road trips when you can take your artistry down the Yellow Brick Road?! Make your artwork stand out with Aqua Pigment's Yellow Brick Road, a vibrant watercolor that'll give your projects an extra pop of color and enthusiasm! Aqua Pigments are specially-formulated watercolors that work beautifully on all types of mediums. Use them straight out of the bottle or add water to lighten any color within the range. Use Aqua Pigments for watercoloring and washes of color on watercolor paper or card stock. With its 1 ounce of yellow pigment, it's the perfect color to skip to! Nontoxic. Color fusion allows colors to blend with ease. Convenient Dropper bottle.

UPC: 702338774775