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Brutus Monroe Best of Friends Stamp and Die Bundle bru1798


Inspired by the enchanting Wizard of Oz, this bundle includes a 6x8 inch clear stamp set with 9 pieces, along with 8 coordinating wafer-thin dies. Each die perfectly complements the corresponding stamp, allowing you to effortlessly bring your creative vision to life. With these stamps and dies, you can embark on a journey along the yellow brick road, venturing through enchanting forests and rolling hills, all the way to the dazzling Emerald City. The set includes charming illustrations of the iconic characters, such as the courageous Tin Man, the clever Scarecrow, the lovable Cowardly Lion, and of course, Dorothy and her faithful companion Toto. What's unique about these stamps is that you have the backs of each character, capturing their determined stride as they march toward their aspirations.
In addition to the delightful imagery, this set also includes inspiring sentiments. One sentiment reminds us that "You'll Always Have a Friend in Me," emphasizing the enduring bonds formed on our adventures. Another sentiment encourages us to remember that "It's Not Where You Go, It's Who You Meet Along the Way," highlighting the importance of the people we encounter on our life's journey.

UPC: 702338771798