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Brutus Monroe Dream Bigger Stamp and Die Bundle bru4300


The Brutus Monroe Dream Bigger Clear Stamp and Die Bundle from the Create Your Own Ending Collection are designed to help you make your dreams catchable and inspire you to reach for the stars. This 6 x 8-inch stamp set features 32 clear photopolymer stamps that offer a variety of elements to create beautiful dream catchers and bring your aspirations to life. The stamp set includes everything you need to build a dream catcher, symbolizing the pursuit of your dreams. It features two hoops with intricate designs, various beads and strings, a selection of feathers in different shapes and sizes, keys, arrows, and the empowering words "Dream Bigger" and "Wild and Free." Use the hoops, beads, and feathers to build intricate and personalized dream catchers that represent your aspirations and desires. The keys and arrows add symbolic elements, reminding you to unlock your potential and aim for your goals. The included words "Dream Bigger" and "Wild and Free" serve as uplifting reminders to pursue your dreams fearlessly and embrace your adventurous spirit. Also includes 32 coordinating wafer-thin dies.

UPC: 702338774300