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Brutus Monroe Far Out 6x6 Stencil bru5062


The Brutus Monroe Far Out Mixed Media Stencil from the Good Vibrations Collection is a fantastic tool to add a groovy and retro touch to all your paper crafting projects. This stencil captures the essence of the 70s era, allowing you to infuse your crafts with a mellow and nostalgic vibe. Measuring 6 x 6 inches, this stencil features a background design that incorporates words and imagery reminiscent of the hippie era. You'll find elements like hearts, peace signs, mushrooms, butterflies, flowers, and stars, all of which contribute to the retro aesthetic. The stencil also includes the words "Far Out," "Peace," "Love," and "Groovy," which add iconic phrases from the era to your projects.

UPC: 702338775062