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Brutus Monroe I Lava You Stamps and Dies Bundle bru5260


Part of the Good Vibrations Collection. The Brutus Monroe I Lava You Stamps and Dies Bundle is a fantastic set that will add a volcanic touch to your crafts. This bundle includes a 2x3-inch clear stamp set with four stamps and four coordinating dies, providing everything you need to create groovy and eye-catching designs. The centerpiece of the stamp set is a mesmerizing lava lamp with the goo forming the words "I Lava You." This stamp serves as a focal point and can be used to create striking backgrounds or as the main element in your projects. Additionally, the bundle includes a peace sign, a splat, and a heart stamp, allowing you to add further embellishments and variety to your designs. To complement the stamps, the bundle includes four coordinating dies. These dies enable you to precisely cut out the stamped images, giving your crafts a polished and professional appearance.

UPC: 702338775260