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Brutus Monroe Mantel Pieces One Clear Stamps bru6809


The Brutus Monroe Mantel Pieces One Clear Stamps are a versatile addition to the Merry Making Collection. These stamps coordinate perfectly with the Welcoming Hearth set bru6786, enabling you to create something truly special and unique. This 4x4-inch clear stamp set includes 8 pieces. You can incorporate any of these designs onto the mantle shelf in the coordinating stamp set and add sentiments in the niche above the fire. These designs are suitable for both Christmas and Halloween, making them perfect for a wide range of holiday-themed crafting projects. The three shelves include:
    •    A hung stocking, a Santa Claus figure, a lit candle, candy, holly, candy cane, and a bird with an envelope.
    •    Christmas tree, bow, winter house, and bird.
    •    A hanging spider, cat, lit candelabra, a jack-o'-lantern, and a potion bottle.
Additionally, the set includes a festive wreath and the phrases "May your days be merry & bright," "Merry Christmas," "Ho, Ho, Ho," and "Happy Spooky Season to you." These stamps offer endless creative possibilities for adding holiday and Halloween flair to your crafting projects.

UPC: 702338776809