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Brutus Monroe Over the Rainbow 6x6 Paper Pad bru1958


The enchanting Brutus Monroe Over the Rainbow 6x6 Paper Pad was inspired by the timeless Wizard of Oz. This delightful paper pad features a collection of 12 Oz-themed patterned 80lb papers, each measuring 6x6 inches. Designed to evoke the whimsy and magic of the Wizard of Oz, this paper pad offers a variety of captivating designs. Included are two sheets of each design, providing ample material for your creative endeavors. The designs within this paper pad are truly mesmerizing. You'll find patterns such as black and white plaid, bubbles, poppy flowers, red hearts, watercolor rainbows, swirling black winds, blue gingham, sparkling green emeralds, yellow bricks, tall grass, and red and green glitter. These designs perfectly capture the essence of the Wizard of Oz, allowing you to bring the story to life in your crafts. From the iconic yellow brick road to the swirling winds and vibrant rainbows, these patterned papers will transport you to the enchanting world of Oz.

UPC: 702338771958