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Brutus Monroe Oz Collection Embossing Powders bru4621


Unleash the enchantment of the Brutus Monroe Oz Collection Embossing Powders, inspired by the timeless Wizard of Oz. With these powders, you'll shine brighter than a pair of coveted ruby slippers! Prepare to create extraordinary embossed artworks that will leave your friends green with envy.
Each powder in this collection is designed to mesmerize, adding a touch of irresistible sparkle to your projects. With their ultra-dazzling formula, these powders breathe life into your creations, captivating viewers with their intoxicating shimmer. The collection includes four 1-ounce jars, each offering a distinct and magical shade:
    1    Emerald City: This vibrant green powder infused with green glitter evokes the lush beauty of the mythical Emerald City itself.
    2    Ruby Slipper: A dazzling red powder adorned with red glitter, reminiscent of the iconic ruby slippers.
    3    Wicked: Unleash your inner mischief with this black powder adorned with mesmerizing green glitter.
    4    Tin Man: This silver powder with silver glitter pays homage to the beloved character.

UPC: 702338774621