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Brutus Monroe Retro Rewind Clear Stamp Set bru2849


The Brutus Monroe Retro Rewind Clear Stamp Set is a fun and nostalgic stamp set that includes a variety of 90s-themed images and phrases. The 6x8-inch high-quality photopolymer stamp set is designed to create clear and crisp impressions, making them perfect for a variety of crafting projects such as cards, tags, and layouts.
The stamp set contains 24 pieces, all with a 90's theme. It includes a VHS tape, Gameboy, headphones, compact disc, microphone, lips blowing a bubble, Walkman, pencil, cassette tape, a roll of film, skateboard, rotary telephone, hi-top sneaker, floppy disk, spray can, lollipop, diamond ring sucker, and Tamagotchi. The set also includes phrases such as You complete me, You Got This, You’re Da Bomb, You’re All the and a Bag of Chips, Sending Cool Vibes on your Birthday, and Keep it Real.
If you're a fan of the 90s or are looking for a fun and nostalgic stamp set to add to your collection, this set may be a great option for you!

UPC: 702338772849