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Brutus Monroe Seas The Day Clear Stamps bru3952


Part of the Good Vibrations Collection. The Brutus Monroe Seas The Day Clear Stamps is a delightful set of retro-cool stamps that will take you on an imaginative dive into the sea. This bundle provides plenty of sea-themed crafting possibilities to explore. The 4x6-inch clear stamp set includes 21 pieces, featuring various retro designs and elements. The whimsical submarine is the star of the set and can be used as a focal point in your creations. The set also includes embellishments like porthole windows, telescopes, fish, flowers, waves, wind, and bubbles, allowing you to create intricate and detailed scenes. In addition to the designs, the stamp set includes phrases that perfectly complement the sea theme, such as "From the Depths of My Heart," "Zoinks," "You're so Sub-lime," "Seas the Day," and "Ride the Waves."

UPC: 702338773952