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Brutus Monroe Sign Me Up! Clear Stamps bru8531

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  • Brutus Monroe
  • $9.99

    The Brutus Monroe Sign Me Up! clear stamps from the Pampered Pets Collection are a fantastic addition to your crafting toolkit, especially when paired with the Sign Me Up! die set bru8487. These stamps are ideal for creating eye-catching signs for your Pet Parlor projects and other creative endeavors. Inside this 4 x 4-inch clear stamp set, you'll discover a total of 18 pieces. Among the elements included are retro starbursts, stars, circles, dashes, and a delightful selection of words that will add a vintage flair to your designs. These words include "Far Out," "Spiffy," "Groovy," "Neat," "Fabulous," and "Cool." With these stamps, you can infuse your crafts with a touch of nostalgia and style, making them truly stand out.

    UPC: 703558968531