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Brutus Monroe There's No Place Like Home Clear Stamps bru1767


Inspired by the timeless Wizard of Oz, this enchanting 6x8 inch clear stamp set features 18 pieces that bring all your favorite characters from the iconic movie to life. Within this set, you'll find captivating illustrations of the Scarecrow, proudly clutching his diploma, symbolizing the pursuit of knowledge. The tin man is depicted holding his heart, representing the power of love and compassion. The Cowardly Lion wears a medal of courage, exemplifying bravery and inner strength. Of course, Dorothy and her loyal companion Toto are also included, ready to embark on their unforgettable journey. In addition to the beloved characters, this set offers extra elements to enhance your crafting projects. There's an additional diploma and medal, representing personal achievements and milestones. A star wand adds a touch of magic. The ruby slippers, an iconic symbol from the movie, transport us to a world of dreams and possibilities. And let's not forget the broomstick, a nod to the Wicked Witch of the West. This set also features inspiring phrases that capture the essence of the Wizard of Oz story. "You Have a Heart of Gold" celebrates the kindness and compassion within each of us. "Follow Your Dreams" encourages us to pursue our aspirations fearlessly. "I Admire Your Courage" acknowledges the strength and bravery we possess. "You've Had the Power All Along" reminds us of our innate abilities and potential. "Follow Your Yellow Brick Road" symbolizes the unique path we each tread in life. And, of course, "There's No Place Like Home" evokes the comforting feeling of belonging and cherishing our roots.

UPC: 702338771767