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Buttons Galore and More Sequinz Hot Pink sqn108*


Introducing Buttons Galore and More Sequinz Hot Pink, an exciting craft embellishment from the Sequins collection by Buttons Galore and More. This sequin mix features a fun and vibrant see-through hot Barbie pink color, adding a bold and eye-catching element to your crafting projects.

Crafted from the highest quality PET and PVC materials, Buttons Galore's sequins ensure a superior look, making your creations stand out with their dazzling appearance.

Sequins are incredibly versatile and frequently used as filler for shaker craft projects, allowing you to create interactive and dynamic designs. Additionally, they are perfect for embellishing almost any DIY craft project. Whether you're working on scrapbook pages, papercrafts, kids crafts, creative memories, clothing, cell phones, nail art, or various other arts and craft creations, these hot pink sequins will add a touch of excitement and brilliance to your designs.

Each pack contains a generous 15 grams of sequins, approximately equivalent to 1.5 tablespoons, ensuring you have an abundant supply to fuel your creativity and complete numerous DIY projects.

The Hot Pink sequin mix offers a variety of finishes and sizes, providing you with a range of options to experiment and create stunning visual effects in your crafting projects.

Applying these sequins is a breeze, as they can be easily glued onto most surfaces. Once adhered, they stay securely in place, ensuring your finished creations remain beautiful and eye-catching.

In summary, Buttons Galore and More Sequinz Hot Pink presents a captivating mix of see-through hot Barbie pink cupped sequins, making it a fantastic choice for adding a splash of boldness and excitement to your crafting projects. With their high-quality materials, versatility, and generous quantity in each pack, these sequins are a wonderful addition to your crafting supplies. Whether you're creating shaker cards for special occasions, enhancing scrapbook pages with vibrant accents, or adding flair to various art and craft creations, the Hot Pink sequins will infuse your projects with an irresistible charm, elevating your crafting experience to new heights.

UPC: 840934072465