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Buttons Galore and More Sprinkletz Santa's Workshop Embellishment nk190*


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Santa's Workshop from Buttons Galore and More's Sprinkletz collection offers a charming craft embellishment option. These petite polymer clay embellishments encompass a delightful array of elements such as Santa, holly, gift boxes, candy canes, and Christmas trees. These additions are designed to effortlessly infuse a touch of Christmas spirit and playful shapes into your projects.

These pieces are perfectly suited for decorating cards, scrapbook pages, ornaments, and various other crafts. With approximately 500 pieces per pack, you'll have an abundance of options to choose from. These diminutive embellishments can be easily adhered to almost any surface or employed as shaker filler. Remarkably, Santa's Workshop Sprinkletz also serve as fantastic ingredients for crafting slime. Each pack holds approximately 12 grams, about 1.5 tablespoons, providing you with plenty to work with.

Key Features:

    Tiny polymer clay embellishments tailored for crafts
    Encompasses elements like Santa, holly, gift boxes, candy canes, and Christmas trees
    Approximately 12 grams per pack
    Contains approximately 500 pieces per pack

UPC: 840934072694