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Carabelle Studio Champignons d’Automne A6 Cling Stamps sa60666*


Carabelle Studio Champignons d’Automne A6 Cling Stamps, "Champignons d’automne" meaning Autumn Mushrooms in French, is a delightful stamp set designed by Edwige Verriére. This set measures 6.5 x 4.5 inches and includes three stamps cut in white rubber on thick gray foam. The largest stamp features two mushrooms with the text "Bolet comestible ou Cépe de Bordeaux," which loosely translates to "Hunt edible mushrooms or dark red porcini." Another stamp features three mushrooms clustered together with "Girolle or Chanterelle," a type of mushroom. The last stamp showcases a single mushroom with "Russule verdoyante (Palomet)," a green fungus or mushroom. These stamps are perfect for adding a touch of autumn's natural beauty to your artistic projects.

UPC: 3760345172417