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Cosmic Shimmer Tempting Teal Pearl Texture Paste cspepteal


The Cosmic Shimmer Tempting Teal Pearl Texture Paste is a medium designed in collaboration with the talented artist, Helen Colebrook. This bright blue-green shade adds a touch of magic to your creative endeavors. Its easy-to-spread texture allows for seamless use with stencils or direct application onto your projects, resulting in a stunning pastel pearlized finish. The water-based formula of this texture paste ensures smooth application and effortless cleanup from stencils and tools. Enclosed in a 50ml jar, this versatile supply is a must-have addition to your crafting materials.

Please Note that most of the Cosmic Shimmer product is water-based and therefore could be affected by colder temperatures. This includes time in transit. Please take this into consideration when placing your order in the months of January and February.

UPC: 5055260927777