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Fairy Hugs Forest Firs Clear Stamps fhs-605


Introducing the Fairy Hugs Forest Firs Clear Stamps! This set consists of four stamps, each contributing to the creation of a magical fairytale forest. The largest fir tree stamp stands at an impressive height of 3 inches, while the smallest one measures 1.5 inches.

The Forest Firs Clear Stamps enable you to bring the allure of a serene forest scene to your crafting projects. The set features four pine tree stamps, each meticulously designed to showcase the intricate details of these majestic trees. Whether you're creating a woodland-themed card, a nature-inspired scrapbook layout, or any other imaginative project, these stamps will help you construct a mesmerizing fairytale forest.

To use the stamps, simply attach them to an acrylic block, apply your chosen ink color, and press them onto your desired surface. The clear construction of the stamps ensures precise placement, resulting in crisp and detailed impressions.

With the Fairy Hugs Forest Firs Clear Stamps, you can transport yourself and your loved ones into a whimsical forest filled with the beauty of nature. Let your creativity flourish as you build enchanting scenes and bring the magic of the forest to life.

UPC: 367877335087