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Fairy Hugs Sleepy Lavender Clear Stamps fhs-597


The Fairy Hugs Sleepy Lavender Clear Stamps set consists of two stamps, each with a different height. The tall stamp measures 3.70 inches, while the shorter one measures 2 inches. Both stamps are included in the set.

The stamps feature the Sleepy Lavender design, which showcases the beauty and tranquility of lavender flowers. The tall stamp and the shorter stamp each capture a different aspect of this theme, allowing for versatility in your crafting projects.

The tall stamp, measuring 3.70 inches, provides a larger image of the Sleepy Lavender design. This size allows for more detailed impressions and creates a captivating centerpiece for your crafts.

The shorter stamp, measuring 2 inches, offers a smaller but equally charming version of the Sleepy Lavender design. This size is perfect for adding accents or creating patterns in your projects.

The Fairy Hugs Sleepy Lavender Clear Stamps allow you to incorporate the calming presence of lavender flowers into your crafts. Whether you're creating cards, scrapbooks, or engaging in other creative projects, these stamps provide an enchanting and soothing element.

To use the stamps, attach them to an acrylic block, apply your preferred ink color, and press them onto your chosen surface. The clear construction of the stamps ensures precise placement, resulting in clean and detailed impressions.

With the Fairy Hugs Sleepy Lavender Clear Stamps, you can add the beauty and serenity of lavender flowers to your crafts, allowing for creative expressions of tranquility and nature in your artistic creations.

UPC: 367877334981