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Heffy Doodle Flock Star Clear Stamp Set hfd0470


Get ready to party with the Flock Star Stamp set! This set of 24 stamps contains images for 5 flamingos, a star-shaped pair of sunglasses, a stereo/boombox, a hibiscus flower, flowers with foliage, a quaver/eighth musical note, a double quaver/beamed eighth note, a small heart, a small crown, and a small bowtie. There are also sentiments to match the flock star attitude, including: 'You Ruffle My Feathers', 'Party Like A Flock Star', 'Think Pink', 'Stand Tall and Be Fabulous', 'Wishing You A Day That Is Simply', 'Flamazing', 'To My', 'Friend', 'We Flamingo Together', and 'Life Is All About Balance'.

UPC: 5060540225054