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Heffy Doodle New Arrival Sentiment Clear Stamps hfd0479


This set of 18 stamps is perfect for welcoming new arrivals to the world. Perfect for creating baby cards! This set includes stamps for 2 footprint images on top of a range of sentiments. Sentiments included are: 'On The Arrival Of Your Little Baby', 'Congratulations', 'It's A Girl', 'And Then There Were', 'The Littlest Feet Make The Biggest Footprints On Our Hearts', 'Happy Gotcha Day', 'Little One', 'Welcome', 'To The World', 'Baby', 'Wishing You Endless Joy And  A Few Extra Hours Of Sleep', 'You Made A Tiny Human!', 'On Becoming A Big Sister', 'On Becoming A Big Brother', 'It's A Boy', and 'A Baby Fills A Gap In Your Heart That You Never Even Knew Existed'. 

UPC: 5060540225153