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Hero Arts Iridescent Gold Embossing Powder pw151


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Revel in enchantment with the Hero Arts Iridescent Gold Embossing Powder. This innovative embossing formula breathes new life into the classic technique with a touch of magic. The iridescent formula, showcased in a shimmering gold shade, imparts a subtle sparkle on white paper, adding an element of elegance. However, when applied to dark paper, the gold springs to life, showcasing a mesmerizing array of iridescent colors and reflective gold, alongside other colorful sparkles. As you tilt your card in the light, varying intensities of iridescence and colors dance, creating a captivating visual journey.

Contained within a 1 oz jar with a black-top lid, this embossing powder is a testament to Hero Arts' dedication to quality and innovation. Meticulously crafted in the USA, it introduces a touch of brilliance to your artistic projects, offering a unique way to elevate your creations and add a touch of opulence.

UPC: 085700942096