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Honey Bee Holiday Wishes Wax Melts hbtl-wax19


Elevate your paper crafting projects to a new level of elegance with the Honey Bee Holiday Wishes Wax Melts – an essential component of Honey Bee's line of wax seal products. These Honeycomb Wax Melts are designed to add a touch of timeless beauty to your envelopes, cards, and other embellishments, creating stunning wax seals that enhance your creations.

Achieve the perfect blend of classic aesthetics and modern simplicity with Honey Bee Holiday Wishes Wax Melts in colors of red, pink, gold, green. Pair them with the Wax Stampers and Melting Spoon to craft wax seals that exude sophistication and charm. It's a seamless process – simply melt the wax beads in your Wax Seal Melting Spoon and use your favorite Wax Seal Stamp to create the perfect seal.

Each resealable jar contains approximately 76 pieces of wax melts, amounting to a total of 30 grams. Most customers find that using 3 to 4 wax melts is the ideal amount for each seal, ensuring your projects are adorned with the perfect amount of elegance.

Discover the transformative power of Honey Bee Holiday Wishes Wax Melts, where a touch of tradition meets modern crafting convenience. Your paper crafting projects will shine with timeless beauty and sophistication, thanks to the exquisite wax seals created with these melts.

UPC: 689107945706