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Katkin Krafts Spring Fairy Clear Stamps kk0044


Katkin Krafts Spring Fairy Clear Stamps, designed by Natacha Chohra, are a magical addition to your crafting supplies. This hand-drawn stamp set from the Whimsical Artistry Collection is made from deep-etched, high-quality photopolymer and measures 6 x 8 inches. It includes 10 pieces that are ready to be mounted on an acrylic block. The Spring Fairy is part of a series of four seasonal fairies, each bringing a unique charm to your projects. In this set, you'll find a beautiful fairy perched upon a flowered branch, cradling a bird almost as big as she is. Additionally, there are two flying swallows, two sprigs of Lily of the Valley, various blooms and leaves adorned with spring florals, the word "Bloom," and a branch with a nest of eggs. These stamps offer endless possibilities for creating enchanting and seasonal-themed projects, capturing the beauty and vibrancy of spring in your crafting endeavors.

UPC: 5055305982884