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Kitchen Sink Stamps CHAMPAGNE CHEER kss105


Images included:
A single fluted glass of champagne, two different size streamers, and two different designs of confetti. Great for any occasion that is to be celebrated: weddings, anniversaries, achievements, retirement, and a New Year.

Also includes 13 sentiments: Congratulations, You Did It, Time to Celebrate, To the Happy Couple, On Your Retirement, On a Job Well Done, Let the Party Begin, Cheers, To the New Year, To You and Me, To the One I Love, To New Beginnings, and Hip-Hip-Hooray.
The stamps are clear. ID film is in different colors.

Medium Set - 4 x 8 inches

Stamp Size:

Champagne Glass is approx. 3.125 inches tall x 0.875 inch wide.

Large Streamer is approx. 2.25 inches long x 0.5 inch wide.

'Congratulations' sentiment is approx. 0.625 inch tall x 3.25 inches wide.

'You Did It' sentiment is approx. 0.125 inch tall x 0.312 inch wide.

No. of stamps in set: 25

UPC: kss105