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Memory Box Large Layered Witch Hat Dies 94693

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The Memory Box Large Layered Witch Hat Dies are a set of crafting dies made from durable steel, compatible with almost all die-cutting machines available. These versatile dies can be used on various materials such as cardstock, felt, fabric, and shrink plastic, allowing you to cut, stencil, emboss, and create a wide range of projects. The set includes 1 die that cuts out 3 different designs to create a large layered witch hat. When assembled, the hat measures approximately 3.5 x 3.4 inches. The die includes additional pieces for the shadow and band, allowing you to add dimension to your witch hat design. These layered witch hat dies are perfect for Halloween-themed projects, enabling you to craft spooky and stylish witch hats for cards, decorations, and other festive creations.

UPC: 873980946930