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ModaScrap Hello Sweet Girl 12x12 Paper hsgpp12


The ModaScrap Hello Sweet Girl 12x12 Paper is a paper pack designed specifically for birth-themed projects. It includes 12 single-sided sheets, each measuring approximately 12 x 12 inches. The paper has a weight of 170gsm, making it sturdy and suitable for various creative endeavors. The paper pack comes in a box made from the same paper as the inner sheets but with a higher weight. The box is constructed using Fedrigoni Woodstock Bianca 225 gr. paper, which gives it a more substantial feel. This box is not just for packaging; it is intentionally designed to be part of the kit itself and can be incorporated into your creative projects. One notable feature is that this pack is completely Plastic Free. Additionally, the pack is FSC certified, indicating that the paper used in its production comes from responsibly managed forests. The designs on the paper include a variety of playful and charming elements. You can expect to find lots of pink colors, along with fun shapes such as stars, hearts, dashes, dots, plaid, and triangles. The patterns also feature cute illustrations like elephants, flowers, birds, fun bears, rainbows, and hot air balloons. These designs make the paper pack suitable for various baby-themed or birth-related projects.

UPC: 8052990068289