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My Favorite Things All About Your Birthday Clear Stamps cs806


Make every birthday special with My Favorite Things' All About Your Birthday Clear Stamps. This 4x8 inch set comes with 9 unique sentiments, ranging from simple and classic to sentimental, funny, and topical. Rendered in a stunning font pairing, these stamps will add a beautiful touch to any birthday card or gift!

Sentiments included:

  • In My Whole Life I've Never Met Anyone Quite Like You, and I Wouldn't Trade You for the World
  • I Love You, but It May Be Time to Start Lying about Your Age
  • You Already Have Me, so I Don't Know What Else There Is to Wish For
  • Happy Birthday
  • Today We Celebrate the Best Decision I've Ever Made: Having You
  • I'd Stay Up past 9 pm for You
  • It's Your Birthday? I Love That for You!
  • We're like the Same Person, but You're Older
  • It's Probably Our Age That Tricks People into Thinking We're Adults
UPC: 849923052020