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Newton's Nook Designs Christmas Tree Hot Foil Plates and Dies nn2310hf1


Newton's Nook Designs presents the Christmas Tree Hot Foil Plates and Dies, offering a splendid way to bring shimmer and radiance to your craft projects. This set comprises four decorative tree-shaped hot foil plates, each exuding a mid-century modern vibe. Additionally, it includes one coordinating die to facilitate precise cutting.

These hot foil plates are designed to seamlessly work with standard hot foil systems and die-cutting machines. It's worth noting that Hot Foil Plates can also be employed without foil to achieve captivating letterpress impressions.

The set includes a total of 4 hot foil plates and 1 coordinating die. Here are the approximate image sizes:

  • Decorative Trees: 1.25 x 2.5 inches

With the Christmas Tree Hot Foil Plates and Dies, you can infuse your crafting projects with a touch of vintage charm and festive sparkle.

UPC: 647213628944