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Paper Artsy Eclectica3 Alison Bomber Rosemary Cling Stamps eab32


The Paper Artsy Eclectica3 Alison Bomber Rosemary Edition Cling Stamps is a 6x8 stamp set designed by Alison Bomber, featuring five stamps that are individually cut out on EZ mount for easy use. To use the stamps, peel them off the index sheet and position them on an acrylic block for immediate use.
The set includes a twig stamp, bars of music, postage, and words such as Specimen, Notes, Collected, and Distilled, providing a range of creative possibilities for paper art projects.
The stamps also feature inspiring quotes. One stamp features a quote from William Shakespeare's Hamlet: There's rosemary, that's for remembrance, pray, love, remember, and there is pansies, that's for thoughts. Another stamp features a quote from Culpeper's Herbal Logs: Rosemary—The chemical oil drawn from the leaves and flowers, is a sovereign help for diseases of the head and brain. Yet must it be done with discretion, for it is very quick and piercing, and therefore but a little must be taken at a time.
This stamp set may provide a versatile and inspiring addition to one's paper art collection, offering opportunities for creativity and self-expression.

UPC: 5060701057791