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Paper Artsy Eclectica3 Gwen Lafleur Cling Stamps egl37


The Paper Artsy Eclectica3 Gwen Lafleur Cling Stamps are a captivating set of stamps that reflect Gwen's lifelong artistic journey, where she blends influences from diverse and vibrant cultures into a colorful and textured melting pot of creativity. This set includes 7 cling stamps arranged on a 6x8-inch sheet. Among these stamps, you can find a variety of ocean-inspired elements, including coral, seaweeds, a school of fish, two other fish, bubbles, and a topographic map representing a body of water. These stamps offer a rich and eclectic mix of imagery, allowing you to infuse your projects with the beauty and mystique of the underwater world. Whether you're creating ocean-themed art or adding a touch of aquatic wonder to your mixed media projects, these stamps provide a versatile toolkit for your creative endeavors.

UPC: 5060701058767