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Paper Artsy Eclectica3 Seth Apter Cling Stamps esa37


The Paper Artsy Eclectica3 Seth Apter Cling Stamps are a versatile set of stamps that cater to mixed media artists and enthusiasts. Seth, hailing from New York, is known for his love of mark-making, die-cut shapes, texture, and color in his creations. This set of stamps is designed to work harmoniously with his other products allowing you to craft a unique story with every creation. This set includes 7 cling stamps on a 6x8-inch sheet. Among these stamps, you'll find a variety of cross textures created by lines, the word "today," the phrase "more is more," and a butterfly with the word "soar" and the phrase "spread your wings." These stamps are perfect for adding depth, texture, and creative expression to your mixed media artwork, helping you craft one-of-a-kind pieces that tell a unique story.

UPC: 5060701059351