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Paper Artsy Eclectica3 Seth Apter Cling Stamps esa39


Paper Artsy Eclectica3 Seth Apter Cling Stamps are a versatile set of stamps that cater to mixed media artists and enthusiasts. Seth, hailing from New York, is known for his love of mark-making, die-cut shapes, texture, and color in his creations. This set of stamps is designed to work harmoniously with his other products allowing you to craft a unique story with every creation. This set includes 8 cling stamps on a 6x8-inch sheet. These stamps offer a variety of textures, including tiny dots, points, hatch marks, and more. Additionally, the set includes an electrical pole, a row of numbers, the words "one," "two," "three," "four," and "five," a winter tree, and some winter branches with a perched bird and the phrase "free as a bird." These stamps provide you with a diverse range of creative elements to add depth, texture, and storytelling to your mixed media creations, allowing you to craft artwork that's both expressive and distinctive.

UPC: 5060701059375