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Paper Artsy Scrapcosy Cling Stamps esc43


The Paper Artsy Scrapcosy Cling Stamps is a 6x8 inch stamp set designed by Raquel Burillo, also known as Scrapcosy, an Eclectica3 Designer. The set includes 10 stamps that are individually cut out on EZ mount. To apply the stamps, you can simply peel them off the index sheet and position them on an acrylic block for immediate use. This stamp set features a large bouquet of flowers with leaves, which can serve as a beautiful centerpiece in your artwork. Another stamp showcases different flowers arranged together, providing versatility for creating various floral-themed designs. The set also includes labels with the inscriptions "1871" and "journal," and a flourished design that says "Botanical Plates.” Plus a ledger graph with months and numbers and a flower on top, and a small advertisement stamp about an "Art Book For Young Ladies.”

UPC: 5060701058835