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Paper Rose Mediterranean Vibes 6x6 Paper Collection 29413


If you're looking for beautiful and high-quality patterned cardstock for your paper crafting projects, the Mediterranean Vibes 6x6 Paper is an excellent choice.
This collection includes 18 double-sided patterned papers, with 3 sheets each of 12 unique designs. The sheets are approximately 6 x 6 inches in size and made from 200gsm cardstock, ensuring durability and high-quality printing.
The patterns within the collection feature a range of Mediterranean-inspired designs, such as palm leaves, figs, pomegranates, apricots, desert, palm trees, oases, cacti, stripes, and more. The double-sided nature of the paper makes it perfect for creating layered and dimensional designs in your projects.
Overall, the Mediterranean Vibes 6x6 Paper is a versatile and beautiful addition to any paper crafter's collection, offering a range of high-quality patterned papers that are perfect for adding a touch of exoticism and serenity to your projects.

UPC: 794179865309