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Papertrey Ink Candy Cane Classic Dies pti-0710


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Introducing the Papertrey Ink Candy Cane Classic Dies, a festive holiday set that includes candy canes of various sizes, complete with both outlines and stripes, and charming bows for decoration. This versatile set comprises 14 wired shapes for your creative enjoyment.

Candy Canes:

  • 1 inch by 2 inches
  • 0.625 inch by 1.375 inches


  • 1.25 inches by 1 inch
  • 0.75 inch by 0.625 inch

With these dies, you can effortlessly craft delightful candy cane accents and bows to add a festive touch to your holiday-themed projects. Explore the creative possibilities and create a sweet and cheerful atmosphere with the Papertrey Ink Candy Cane Classic Dies.

UPC: 682541908276