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PhotoPlay Book Club Variety Pack 214253


The PhotoPlay Book Club Variety Pack is an essential companion for anyone looking to embark on creative projects. With its versatile range of applications, this package ensures that every project gets off to a great start. Whether you're designing scrapbook pages, crafting greeting cards, making bookmarks, or creating gift cards, this variety pack has got you covered.

The package includes eight sheets of high-quality 12 x 12 inch cardstock, providing ample material to bring your artistic visions to life. Each pack contains two sheets each of four vibrant and captivating colors: fireflies yellow, pimento pink, tropical bay turquoise, and mint julep green. These carefully chosen colors offer a stunning array of options to suit any design theme or mood.

One of the standout features of the PhotoPlay Book Club Variety Pack is its acid and lignin-free composition. This ensures the longevity and preservation of your creations, making them suitable for archival purposes. Whether you're commemorating cherished memories or crafting heartfelt gifts, this acid and lignin-free cardstock will maintain its quality over time.

The PhotoPlay Book Club Variety Pack is not limited to any particular art form or medium. Its versatility allows for endless creative possibilities, making it ideal for mixed media projects and other innovative endeavors. With this variety pack, you can explore your artistic abilities and experiment with different techniques, confident in the knowledge that you have the perfect foundation for your endeavors.

When it comes to choosing the right paper for your creative ventures, the PhotoPlay Book Club Variety Pack stands out as a reliable and captivating option. Its combination of vibrant colors, generous sheet size, and acid and lignin-free composition make it an essential addition to any artist's arsenal. So, unleash your imagination and dive into a world of limitless creativity with the PhotoPlay Book Club Variety Pack.

UPC: 709388342534